• New Retracta C1 Series – Meet The Range
New Retracta C1 Series – Meet The Range

New Retracta C1 Series – Meet The Range

Retracta is the benchmark in industrial strength retractable hose reels. Over the decades the Retracta brand has built an enviable reputation worldwide for performance and reliability. Through this, and with a long history of innovation and design, Macnaught has developed an exciting range of Retracta reels specifically designed and engineered for a wide range of applications.

Innovation has always been at the centre of the Macnaught success story and it’s the platform for developing our expanded Retracta range.

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our legendary Retracta family - the C1 Series. The new C1 Series Poly Hose Reels, Barrier Reels, and Electrical Cable Reels are 35% smaller than the R3 Series and are ideal for small spaces and compact applications.

Meet the range

The C1 Series Compressed Air Water Hose Reels are poised to become your workshop's new best friend, designed by Macnaught to be a compact solution for small spaces in your workshop.

Hot Cold Water Hose Reels: In the foodservice and hospitality industry, cleanliness is paramount. The C1 Series Hot Cold Water Hose Reels make the task of maintaining a spotless environment a breeze. With their robust construction and retractable design, these hose reels are ready to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs.

Garden Hose Reels: For homeowners and landscapers, the C1 Series Garden Hose Reels offer a convenient and efficient way to care for gardens and lawns. With one spray at a time, you can nurture your outdoor spaces and keep them looking their best.

Weedicide/Pesticide Hose Reels: Agriculture and horticulture professionals understand the importance of precision and safety when applying weedicides and pesticides. The C1 Series Weedicide/Pesticide Hose Reels provide a controlled and efficient solution for these critical tasks, helping to protect crops and the environment.

Safety Barrier Reels: Safety should never be compromised, especially in construction zones and workshop environments. The C1 Series Safety Barrier Reels offer a reliable means of quickly deploying and retracting safety barriers, ensuring the well-being of workers and the public.

Electrical Cable Reels: In today's modern workshops and manufacturing spaces, power and connectivity are essential. The C1 Series Electrical Cable Reels deliver power like never before, enabling businesses to operate efficiently and safely.


The C1 Series builds on the legacy of excellence that Retracta has established over the years. These reels are designed by Macnaught to Retracta standards, and come with a 2-year warranty.