Meter Specification Centre

Interactive Web Based Tools

Our Interactive Web Based Tools assist the user in selecting the most suitable positive displacement meter for their particular application.
These tools include the Automated Flow Meter Selection Tool, Technical Specification Tool and the Conversion Tool.

3D Drawings

To assist plant planning, design and installation

Instruction Manuals

Find a solution to any support problem easily


Selection Tool

The Automated Flow Meter Selection Tool is a web based selection tool that assists the user with selecting a suitable flow meter model according to the specific application requirements.

Specification Tool

The Specification Tool outputs a comprehensive document detailing the Technical Specifications for any MX Flow Meter model, including the service kits available for the selected model.

Conversion Tool

The Conversion Tool will assist the user in transitioning from the previous range of Macnaught Flow Meter models to the new range of Macnaught MX Series Flow Meter Models.

Serial Number Search Tool

The Serial Number Search Tool will assist the user in identifying the model number of their Macnaught Flow Meter.