• 4 Clear Benefits of Macnaught’s Battery Operated Pump (BOP)
4 Clear Benefits of Macnaught’s Battery Operated Pump (BOP)

4 Clear Benefits of Macnaught’s Battery Operated Pump (BOP)

For decades, professionals across various industries have grappled with the physical strain of operating manual pumps. From mechanics and miners to agricultural workers, the repetitive motion required for fluid transfer has often led to fatigue, reducing productivity and overall job satisfaction. Macnaught recognised this pain point and set out to address it through innovative engineering.

We explore here the benefits of using Macnaught’s award winning BOP.

1. No more pumping by hand – Reduces fatigue

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the BOP is a portable, rechargeable, oil pump, designed to improve workshop efficiency and reduce the fatigue inherent in the operation of manual oil pumps. The 18V rechargeable 2.0Ah battery delivers up to 105L per charge. You have full control over fluid delivery with the on-demand control nozzle. Macnaught's creation simplifies fluid handling tasks with the press of a button. By eliminating the need for continuous pumping, the BOP significantly reduces user fatigue and strain on the body, enhancing operational efficiency and worker well-being simultaneously.


2. High mobility - Power head transferrable over multiple pump stems

One of the standout features of the BOP is its portability, it features a single powerhead, that can be used on multiple pump stems, which makes it easier to manoeuvre around a workshop. It is also equipped with a high-performance rechargeable battery, the pump can be used in remote locations, making it ideal for on-site operations in various industries.


3. Handles multiple fluid types

A single pump stem is suitable for engine oil, gear oil. Hydraulic oil (oils up to SAE140 viscosity), automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and engine coolant.


4. Total Fluid Handling Solution

Available in both 20L and 60-205L variants as both Starter Kits and Stem Packs. This makes the BOP the ideal choice for oil cans from 3L all the way through to 205L drums.