Product Code: L-OD90B


The new Mobile Waste Oil Drainer from Lubemate is a versatile oil drainer for your workshop. With a swivel extension arm, the L-OD90B can extend to 1.85m to drain diff & transmission fluids into its 90L powder coated steel tank. The addition of the heavy duty, polyurethane wheels make it easier to move around the workshop.

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Technical Specifications
  • Gravity waste oil drainer
  • Suitable for draining waste oil from engines, gear boxes, and differentials of all vehicles
  • Tank capacity: 90L
  • Max Drainer Capacity: 90L
  • Oil Draining Pressure: 1 bar
  • Length of oil release pipe: 1.6m
  • Maximum oil temperature: 120°C 
  • No spare parts available

Features & Benefits

  • Wide Bowl Extender: Large enough for automatic transmission draining. Extender diameter 600mm.
  • Filter Mesh Screen In Bowl: Catch foreign items. 
  • Telescopic Suction Tube: Easy height adjustment. Extends to 1.85m. Normal height 1.65m. 
  • Waste Oil Level Tube: Identify oil level inside holding tank. 
  • Powder Coated Steel Tank: 90L capacity. 
  • Oil Bowl: Diameter 400mm. 
  • Offset Swiveling Bowl: For easy bowl positioning Swiveling diameter up to 800mm. 
  • Handy Tool Tray: Keep tools and accessories within reach. 
  • Polyurethane Wheels: Easier manoeuvring over workshop floors. 

                Package Includes
                • Mobile waste oil drainer and instruction manual

                Recommended Use With

                • Suitable for draining all automotive oils from engines, gear box/transmissions and differentials
                • Recommended operating oil temeratures of up to 120°C