Product Code: L-TOD110P


The new range of Truck Waste Oil Drainers from Lubemate come in two sizes to meet your heavy workshop needs. The premium L-TOD110P is rated up to 110L and its smaller brother the L-TOD95 at 95L is smaller yet agile to maneuverer. Suitable for the draining of waste oils and antifreeze from trucks and passenger cars.
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  • Features & Benefits
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  • Recommended Use With

Technical Specifications
  • Low level oil drainer with swivel castors for easy movement
  • Large 110L capacity
  • Anti-splash screen which can be used as a support for draining oil filters
  • Solid steel construction
  • 1/2" drain valve for easy evacuation
  • No spare parts available

Features & Benefits
    • Large Catchment Area: Minimise workshop floor spills
    • Easy Access Drain Plug: Quick evacuation by design pump or gravity
    • 4 Wheel trolley design: Sturdy yet easy to move

Package Includes
  • Truck waste oil drainer

Recommended Use With
  • Waste motor oil, gear oil or differential oil from trucks and passenger cars