2" Drum Faucet with Sight Glass

Product Code: L-DTP2


Polyethylene construction. Fits into 2" threaded opening on 205L (55 gal.) drums. Aids easy and convenient dispensing of fluids under gravity flow with the drum laid horizontally. Built-in port for mounting sight glass to check fluid level in the drum.

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Technical Specifications
  • Container suitability: Fits into 2" threaded opening on 205L (55 gal.) drums
  • Inlet: 2" Male thread
  • Wetted components: Polyethylene
  • Lockable valve (tap)
  • No spare parts available

Features & Benefits

  • Padlock provision: Lockable valve to prevent theft of fluids
  • Sight glass port: Included sight glass used to show level of fluid
  • Outlet port: Fits into most 205L drums available in market
  • Bucket hanger: Minimise wastage by using bucket as drip tray

Package Includes

  • 2" Drum tap & sight glass tube

Recommended Use With

  • Engine oils, gear oils, light fuel oil, antifreeze, light chemicals