BOP Pump Stem KIT 20L - Coolant

Product Code: BP20X-COA

The BOP 20 litre coolant stem kit has now been superseded by the BP20X-UNA.  This new upgraded universal version is now suitable for engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil (oils up to SAE140 viscosity), automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and engine coolant.

The Battery Operated Pump (BOP) Coolant mod-el from Macnaught has been developed to dispense coolant. The BOP Coolant Pump Stem is available to suit most common 20 litre (5GAL) drum sizes. Using the BOP Powerhead, the BOP Coolant Pump can readily dispense up to 5.8 litres (1.53GAL) per minute making it your most valuable coolant applicator.

The BOP20 Coolant Pump Stem kit comes with a 1.5 metre hose connected to an on-demand control nozzle, and includes a unique green gun hook for easy identification.

*Pump stem kit does not include Powerhead or battery.
  • Technical Specifications
  • Features & Benefits
  • Package Includes
  • Recommended Use With
Technical Specifications: 
  • Delivery rate - Up to 5.8L/min (1.53GAL/min) at 20°C (68°F)
  • Drum size - Nominal 20L (5GAL) 
  • 1/2” x 1.5m transparent hose
Features & Benefits:
  • Compatible with Coolant
  • Adaptors to suit most 20L (5GAL) containers
  • Sealed wetted parts - zero contamination
  • Simple single-handed ‘on-demand’ flow control
  • Adjustable Suction Tube
  • No more pumping by hand means the BOP alleviates fatigue and other WH&S issues
Package Includes:
  • 20L Coolant Pump Stem Kit with Control Nozzle - (BP20X-COA)
  • Instruction manual
Recommended Use With
  • BOP20 Starter Kit (BP20S-OLA)
  • BOP Powerhead (BP20S-OLA)